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Experience The Best in Music With High-End Audio

Reward Yourself With High-Performance Components

Experience The Best in Music With High-End Audio

If you’re an audiophile, you’re not going to settle for mediocre sound from your music.  For you, your music might transport you to a different time and place, and remind you of significant memories and experiences.  Or maybe the music provides you the escape from our sometimes over-connected world, a way to unwind and immerse yourself in the experience. 

You don’t have to be an audiophile to appreciate music reproduction in your home the way the artists and recording engineers intended it to sound.  And these days, you don’t have to give up the convenience of today’s myriad digital streaming options to enjoy hi-fi quality music.  Whether you want to spin a record on your turntable, stream lossless from Tidal, or listen to high-resolution audio tracks from your computer, there’s a system for that. 

When it comes to high-performance audio, there’s no substitute for listening to the equipment.  We invite you to visit our showroom in Colleyville to hear the best brands in hi-fi.  Now let’s take a quick look at some of our favorites.

Is Your Home Network Ready For Smart Technology?

Make Sure You Have The Proper Bandwidth to Run It All

Is Your Home Network Ready For Smart Technology?

These days smart devices are everywhere, and increasing inside our homes in Southlake TX.  We have smart TVs, smart speakers, smart lights, smart appliances, and internet-connected AV gear.  All those devices need network connectivity to be “smart”.  In addition to all the smartphones, tablets, and laptops we own, there are a plethora of things that connect to your network and the Internet. 

Add to that load the increased bandwidth requirements for streaming 4K video from services like Amazon Prime and Netflix, and higher resolution music from Tidal and Spotify.  It all adds up to a taxing load on your network.

For a smart home with many devices that need to be monitored and controlled, you need a robust network to handle it all.  Here are three important areas to consider during your home network setup.

Why Would You Want a Lighting Control System?

There Are More Benefits Than You Might Think

Why Would You Want a Lighting Control System?

You may have heard of lighting control systems or home lighting control.

If you are looking into a new home build, a remodel or perhaps looking at upgrading older lighting in your existing home; you may be wondering what such a system can do for you. 

You might think that one of the big benefits would be in energy savings – and you’d be right, that’s a great reason to invest in lighting control.

But there are other big advantages to lighting control in your home in Westlake or Colleyville - in convenience, added luxury, and peace of mind.  Read on to find out how.

Do High-End Audio Cables Actually Sound Better?

The Right Cables can make your High-Performance Audio System Sing

Do High-End Audio Cables Actually Sound Better?

Cables and wires have been a hotly debated subject in audio circles. 

Some people insist that there’s no difference between cheap thin speaker wire found at your local big box store versus the expensive thicker wire from a specialty cable manufacturer.

Do you consider yourself an audiophile?  Do you hear the nuances in music when played on different equipment?

Do you enjoy two-channel music played through equipment that brings out the subtle details in recordings? 

Read on to see if a cable upgrade can help bring out the best in your Southlake TX high-performance audio system.